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GR2 Success Stories


Caroline Pannell, Port Edward, South Africa

“Without GR² Control Thermogenic Enhancer I just couldn’t have done it. Thermogenic has kept me energised and allowed me to go the extra mile needed to change my life. I started off with a slow walk, now I’m 15 kg lighter and can’t stop running. I feel fantastic.”



Constance Masao, Maseru, Lesotho

“The benefits of loosing weight have been countless for me. I have lost an amazing 22kg on the GR² Control Weight Loss Programme and I’m dedicated to reach my goal weight, which is just 7 kilograms away. My health has improved to such a degree that I am enjoying doing all the fun things with my family, that I’ve been unable to do for years. I am no longer uncomfortable, I live a pain-free life and I look great too. Following the GR² Control Weight Loss Programme has been a true life-changing experience.”



Andy O’Connor, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I’m really proud of how far I’ve come on the GR²Control Weight Loss Programme. I substitute both breakfast and lunch with the GR² Control Meal Replacement Protein Shakes and still have enough energy to do a 7km walk regularly. I try to vary flavours, sometimes I even mix them to keep up the excitement. The product that has really helped me reincorporate exercise into my life has been GNLD Full Motion. I have joint comfort and feel that I have the power to regain an active lifestyle.”



Lyn Banks, Johannesburg, South Africa

“It really works for me. I’ve found the shakes so versatile and I never feel hungry. I’ve lost 17kg so far. Not only do I look great but I am feeling great too. It’s a whole lifestyle change for me. I am really enjoying all the extra energy, and what’s also wonderful is that I am setting an outstanding example to those around me. The GR² Weight Loss Programme is a life-changing programme. You’ll never look back once you’ve committed yourself to healthier living.”



Norah Kibet, Mmabatho, South Africa

“I’m feeling much healthier since loosing 20kg and taking better care of myself. I’ve really enjoyed being on the GR² Weight Loss Programme and can’t say I’ve felt hungry since starting. I firmly believe in GR² Control Appetite Reducer. I’m eating far healthier, smaller meals more regularly. It has become a new way of life for me. Thanks GNLD, I feel great!”


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