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Dr. Arthur Furst
Real People, Real Stories
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Real People, Real Stories
Southern Africa Stories


Improve Your Community

“I worked as the Examiner of Deeds in the Government Sector but even though I had a fulltime job my expenses always exceeded my income. My financial burdens always kept me stressed and miserable. In 1992 I joined GNLD to make a better life for myself and today I am my own boss. Thanks to GNLD I have regained control of my finances and I now have the confidence to succeed in anything I put my mind to. GNLD has helped me change people’s lives with better health and financial freedom. With GNLD I can fulfil my dream of helping the youth in my community by decreasing unemployment through the GNLD Opportunity.”

Dikutwane Dibotelo, Botswana



Finance your dreams

Peter & Gloria have always had big dreams. Unfortunately working as an Engineer and Nursing Sister respectively could still not provide them with the finances to make these dreams a reality. They decided to join GNLD to earn the additional income they needed to reach their dreams. “Today our dreams are a reality thanks to GNLD. This Opportunity is for anyone and it relies completely on you and how big your dreams are. We love the freedom this Business gives us and we cherish all the relationships we have built through this Business. Seeing people benefit from the Business and change their lives is truly amazing.”

Peter & Gloria Joubert, South Africa



Dare to Dream!

Before they joined GNLD, 37 years ago they never dreamed life could be so good.Charlie and Alta Bolton have made a huge financial success of their GNLD Business and their lives. They own several luxury vehicles, an 8500 acre game farm in the Eastern Cape and have secured an extremely prosperous lifestyle for the future, for themselves, and their children. “Because of GNLD we enjoy the more precious things in life - to us that means good health and quality time spent together. Thanks to the GNLD Opportunity we are living our dream. We give God all the glory. Without Him this would have not been possible.”

Charlie and Alta Bolton, South Africa
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Wake up when you’re finished sleeping!

With thirty years of success in GNLD Mdu and Fikile have experienced the freedom of being able to manage their own time and live the life they choose. They’ve done extremely well financially and live in a double story home in an upmarket suburb with brand new Mercedes Benzes standing in the multiple garages. “We live in a house on top of our other house and I own an extra “in-case” car, in case I need a spare car. With GNLD you don’t need to be told what time you need to be at work. You decide when you wake up and how much money you want to make. Although our children are all well educated and qualified in various professions they have returned to the business that offers the greatest financial benefits and the most freedom – GNLD”, says Mdu confidently.

Mdu & Fikile Mokeona, South Africa
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Broke no more

“We were hopelessly broke with two kids to raise and no proper home. When we joined GNLD our lives were totally transformed! Today we live a jet set life, travelling the world in style. We believe in ourselves and have great confidence in GNLD. Through the Opportunity we’ve grown and realised financial and personal success. Thanks to GNLD we drive our dream cars, own a beautiful home and have given our kids top class educations and bright futures.”

Wilson and Florence Mathumbu, South Africa
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We have been exceedingly blessed

What an amazing journey we’ve made with GNLD! Our decision to join GNLD 30 years ago turned out to be one of the greatest decisions we have made. When we came to a cross road in our business lives, we decided to focused on our part-time business of GNLD to make ends meet. We discovered a business that could turn our financial lives around and also those of our team. We began to live our dream of travelling and owning homes that we had only dreamt of before. The freedom of choice of how we live our lives and the wonderful friendships we have made worldwide, has been amazing and our children have grown up in this environment of achievement. Thanks GNLD for all the great times.

Rory and Noela McDermid, South Africa



If we can do it, why not you?

“My wife and I have the freedom to do what we want, when we want. Not many young people can say the same. We know that with GNLD we can aspire to anything and succeed. That’s how powerful the GNLD Opportunity is. I learnt that from my parents who live an amazing life because of GNLD. Already we’ve travelled around the world and have a great lifestyle. With GNLD we will achieve our dreams and goals. It’s a partnership that motivates us to create an amazing future for ourselves.”

Linda & Samukelisiwe Mokoena, South Africa



Control your future

After turning the GNLD Opportunity away 5 times Andre decided to see what GNLD was all about. While working as a farmer Andre’s farm was badly hit by drought and he needed an Opportunity to help him improve his family’s lives. Andre’s wife Zelda was working as a teacher and could not provide the additional income needed to live the life they wanted. Today Andre & Zelda are their own bosses and have the freedom and independence to determine their own futures. “I love the personal development this Business provides and for over 20 years I have seen GNLD help people go from having nothing to living beautiful, prosperous lives.”

Andre & Zelda Theron, South Africa.



Everyone can be successful!

Phafoli and Mapita have gone from having a simple desire of wanting a better life for their family to a life of abundance with infinitive possibilities. Struggling to pay their expenses and their children’s school fees they needed a change in their lives. “We are now able to provide the best available education for our children and have complete financial stability. Our children are also involved in the GNLD Business and are doing extremely well. In GNLD everyone is equal and anyone can be successful, all it takes is focus and dedication. Thanks to GNLD we now live the good life.”

Phafoli & Mapita Ramafikeng, Lesotho



“Providing for the ones you love”

When Hansie and Lydia’s son was born with Cerebral Palsy they knew that they would need extra income. They first joined GNLD on a part time basis, but when their monthly income slowly began to double, then triple they decided to do the business fulltime. Thanks to the GNLD Opportunity they were not only able to pay for expenses like wheelchairs and handicap accessible vehicles, but they also could afford to spend time with their son and two beautiful daughters – something you could never do with a 9-5 job. Today, Hansie has the freedom as a freelance pastor to pursue his passion for the ministry and help less fortunate people in his community. “I thank God and give him the glory for showing the way and helping us touch as many lives as I have. This is only the beginning. There are still millions of people who need what we have and we want to share it.” says Hansie in gratitude.

Hansie & Lydia Cronje, South Africa



Life is a Song with GNLD

Their success is music to the ears of others in the GNLD Business. From starting off very humbly in 1981, Elsie and her late husband Jacob managed to travel the world over and provide for their family’s every need, thanks to GNLD. Elsie and Jacob were able to give their family only the best and that include the best future through top class tertiary education. Today it’s all in the family, with Elsie’s children being GNLD Distributors. Elsie’s son, Edgar, continues the legacy, having joined his mothers already successful GNLD Business and helped make it stronger than ever. Edgar now has the time and resources to pursue his passion for music producing.

Edgar & Elsie Hlakoana, South Africa



The best choice a woman can make!

Working as a nursing sister, with challenging working hours and limited income, Chrisna longed for an opportunity that would allow her to be at home with her children and provide financial freedom. She found this and more in GNLD. Today, Chrisna runs a very successful Distributorship where she spends her time empowering others to achieve their life goals. “The financial rewards and travel incentives GNLD offers, have not only allowed me to spend quality time with my family, but also enabled me to travel overseas more than 50 times with the company alone.” Chrisna knows that the best choice a woman can make is to be her own boss by accepting the GNLD Opportunity.

Chrisna Dollman, South Africa



“Achieve your dreams with GNLD”

Barry and Pat originally from Zimbabwe, came to South Africa in the search of new opportunities. The couple joined GNLD, Barry joining Pat fulltime after four years, after giving up a successful anaesthetist career. They’ve never looked back. “The Products have helped us improve our health and wellness. The best aspect of this business is the freedom of time, being able to be with our kids and grandchildren. We were able to give our children the best education and we are all extremely healthy. We are fortunate enough to be working alongside each other as a married couple. This is an Opportunity that works and can provide you with anything you want.”

Barry & Pat Bland, South Africa



Swopping chicken dust for gold dust

Before GNLD, Sizwe owned a “chicken dust” stand selling barbeque chicken at a dusty taxi rank. With the money he made he could hardly take care of himself. After inheriting his mother’s GNLD Business, it took him just two years to turn his life around and become financially independent. “With GNLD’s help I’ve been able make more than enough money to care of myself and educate my siblings – the youngest has just qualified as a pharmacist”, he proudly proclaims. Sizwe knows that he has struck gold with GNLD as his partner.

Sizwe Cele, South Africa



Standing the Test of Time

“GNLD is an opportunity second-to-none. Nelie and I built our business in the early 1970’s, eventually becoming Diamond Directors. When we retired our two sons, Anton and Casper started to work the business part-time. Cas, along with wife Louise went full time and injected some life into the business, which started to grow, along with our income. We are very proud to say that Cas and Louise are now Ruby Directors. Thanks to GNLD we have retired comfortably and ensured a bright future for our whole family”, says Casper Snr proudly.

Casper & Louise Wilsenach, South Africa



Keeps people out of old age homes

“When I joined GNLD in 1974 I wanted financial wealth for myself.” After doing the Business Hubry realised that she enjoyed working with people as much as the financial benefits. Through GNLD she has a wealth of lifelong friends. Hubry still enjoys an abundance of good health in her 80’s and admits that if it was not for GNLD’s superior products she doesn’t know where she would be today. The best part is the financial benefits that she receives far outweigh that of a regular pension. Hubry also helps her older friends maintain their health with GNLD’s wide range of products. “GNLD is like my big family”, she exclaims proudly.

Hubry Coetzee, South Africa



Energise your life!!!

“When I worked as a Sales Manager I was always extremely tired, stressed and fatigued. That’s when I decided to try GNLD’s Products. The Products worked so well that I decided to join as a Distributor and start my own Business. Just a year later, I started doing the Business full-time. I have doubled my income and live a life of freedom. With GNLD I have energised my life, improved my health and changed my destiny.”

Antoinette Zeelie, South Africa



From Meatpacker to Business Woman

Gladys Mabaso has experienced a true rags-to-riches life change. Without an education and lacking confidence she could only find employment at a meat packing plant – until her sister told her about GNLD. Convinced she could do it, she signed up and has never looked back. “With GNLD my hard work has paid off. For once I’m making money for myself and not for a boss. What I used to make in a week, I now make in a day! It’s a dream come true”, Gladys exclaims. Since joining she’s been able to purchase a Toyota Venture and realise her vision of building a family home.

Gladys & Edyellas Mabaso, South Africa



Double the Delight

“Thank goodness that we were already part of GNLD by the time our twins were born. Suddenly we were faced with twice the responsibility most couples face. Because of the regular part-time income from our well established GNLD Business, Marielouis was able to work half day and take care of our girls in the afternoon - without straining our finances. Through GNLD we have been doubly blessed: We have the resources to live the good life as well as the time to enjoy our family life.”

Pierre & Marielouise Van Rensburg, South Africa



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